2021 National Concrete Expo has been cancelled

2021 World Trowel Challenge Championships:

2021 National Concrete Expo & World Trowel Challenge Championships

The biggest names in the concrete construction industry are joining forces this year for the first ever National Concrete Expo & World Trowel Challenge Championships, and you are invited.

This year's expo will be making stops in Dallas, Daytona Beach, Atlanta, Boston, Denver, Los Angeles, Seattle, Chicago, and Cleveland for a series of 2-day events loaded with educational instruction, demonstrations, and concrete polishing certification.

On Day 1, we'll introduce the brand new revolutionary GIII Series, the world's fastest concrete polishing system, and our instructors will provide demonstrations and technical training, including pouring techniques, and the addition of hardening agents and finishing aids.

On Day 2, we'll continue our certification process with a technical emphasis on coloring and polishing agents. Once we add a shine to our fresh slab, we'll then turn it over to the most skilled trowel operators in the business as they race against the clock for a chance to compete at the World Finals at Cedar Point. The winner will take home a brand new Whiteman Multiquip HHNG5 Ride-On Power Trowel.

We'll close out the festivities with a live performance from the Davisson Brothers Band, and feature a few surprise quest appearances along the way.

These free public events will be held at outdoor venues and will be subject to safe social distancing protocols as required. Due to limited occupancy, these events will be streamed live to numerous manufacturing, distribution, and retail outlets throughout the world, under the direction of a 5-time Emmy Award Producer.

Vendors, Sponsors, and Media Partners

Whether you support the concrete construction industry with products or services, this is the perfect opportunity to create brand awareness and the perfect time to get involved. GP Limited has a multi-year agreement to provide this annual event, and we are committed to maximizing its growth potential... No Limitations!

a product so advanced...



Introducing a product so advanced that it revolutionizes an entire industry, all while supporting trade and tech training for today's youth.


Wagman GIII Series

Welcome to the 2021 National Concrete Expo & World Trowel Championship - the official launch of the Wagman GIII Series: The World's First Complete Concrete Slab System.


From Pour to Polish

Never before has creating a professional polished concrete slab been as quick, easy and cost efficient. Wagman is teaming up with the biggest names in the construction industry in celebration of this amazing product and all things concrete.


Free 2-day Events

The free 2-day events will occur in 9 major markets including Los Angeles, Seattle, Denver, Dallas, Chicago, Cleveland, Boston, Atlanta, and Daytona Beach (Bike Week).


Win a Power Trowel

The events will feature educational demonstrations, contractor certification, and our World-Famous Ride-On Trowel Competition where the winner rides home on a brand new Mulitquip trowel.


Start Your Engines

This unique event not only draws the world's most skilled ride-on trowel operators, but is a must-see for all, especially motorsports enthusiasts. Cap it all off with a dynamic performance from the Davisson Brothers Band, and you've got yourself a formula for a guaranteed fun time for all.

We are a proud sponsor of the 2021 National Concrete Expo & World Trowel Challenge Championships

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